Fangirling over wordsmiths

I’m no stranger to attention seeking band names (does she wear a rat suit? Spoiler alert: no). And I get oh so delighted when I see other band names, song titles or album titles in the quirky category. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

Gay for Johnny Depp

– if there was a Grammy for best band name, they should have it. They were a tour de force in brilliant (and often offensive) song titles. Google them if you dare. My favourite album title of theirs is:

What Doesn’t Kill You, Eventually Kills You

From the band An Emergency I bring you the songs:

Irony Nein Danke


Kevin Bacon

Pulitzer Prize potential!

Peace Burial At Sea captures exactly how life feels at times with this song title:

B-Movie Karma

I found the band Franska Mode Klubben on Myspace (guess my age), and this song title is just awesome:

I Want My CD Back

– didn’t we all know the feeling in the 90’s? Oh the pain! I’m still waiting/for my CD/put it in a bag/send it right away/come on/it really can’t be that hard. Brilliant!

Please enlighten me with your favourites!

Legs and guitars

Tights by Geoffrey Mac, legs by me, guitars, t-shirts, furniture and photos by Lance Horenbein. I ended up modelling for this sneak peek of the Fall/Winter tights after the team behind Mr. Mac saw my somewhat leggy EP cover. Once again I thank you dad for providing the genes (even though you gave me super straight eyelashes, sigh…)

Geoffrey’s design is absolutely brilliant and like nothing I’ve ever seen. This jacket is insane and I wish it was mine. The same thing applies to this dress. Bonus info: our beloved Debbie Harry wore this amazing dress performing at the Standard NYC this New Year’s Eve. Approved by Debbie, approved by me.

Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious “Destroy” tee (1986) and leather jacket from Metropolis.

Leather jacket from Sears (1986). On the back: Minor Threat “Bottled Violence” and a Corrosion of Conformity sticker. White Yamaha RGXA2.

Silver leafed B. C. Rich 1980’s warlock and Scorpions “Love at first sting” tee (1984). Aka the Eagles of death metal. Enjoy the wonderful association sequence on how Eagles of Death Metal got their name:

And this would be the idiot of death metal holding a Dean Baby ML Guitar.

Exploited tee (1986) and Tennessee Walking Horse ladies show tie (1960-1970’s)

A sunny Super Bowl Sunday

The L-Team of Lance, Line and Lily (that’s the name of my bike) spend the Super Bowl Sunday before the game fooling around in Chinatown. Highlights included fried dumplings at “Fried Dumplings” (logic at its finest), cherries and Van Halen street posters. As always Lance was behind the camera, great work my friend.

chinatown new york "a girl in a rat suit"

chinatown new york

T-shirts and time off

The mixing is on and Mario is performing magic in his studio. This means I have a little more time now to see friends and walk around like Uncle Traveling Matt. Yesterday I visited my friend Lance and we went for a little vintage t-shirt shopping. He has a HUGE collection of mainly old 80’s metal shirts and knows all the best stores in town.

Ozzy & Line

Love Lance’s place. So many cool details.

Metropolis. Probably my favorite vintage store.

Discussing stage outfits with this fine gentleman. He is a suit collector and plays saxophone in a jazz band. He belives that you should always dress up and look beautiful on stage to give the audience a visual experience – not just a sonic one. Amen! No t-shirts and jeans. He told us that he likes to wear a colourful suit, a leather suit or a mix of both.

Settled for these two.

Sequins 4 ever.

Feel in love with these at AC Gears.

Lance & Line

There is a right way to play something wrong

Hotel Terminus is off to Mr. Garson in LA, who is now busy recording the piano at his house. He knows the basic ideas of the piano, but has total creative freedom to play whatever he feels like.

The very first component of Hotel Terminus: the guitar riff that I send to my grandfather Boy Grunert back in December. I asked him to play something on his piano for the track, and decided to go to Ribe where he lives to record it.

The case is that I wasn’t able to hear what he was playing as we recorded it, and that led to the unorthodox, almost random use of piano on the demo.

I have a cable with an USB output that goes directly from my guitar to the computer. This cable luckily worked with my grandfather piano as well, but somehow the speakers of the computer wouldn’t play the piano sound when the cable was plugged in. The headphones were ok though, so Boy had one of them playing in his ear while recording. I heard nothing.

At the same time I couldn’t get GarageBand to play the guitar track and record the piano track on top of it. So the guitar track was playing from the speakers of Boy’s PC for him to listen to with the other ear, while the piano track was recorded in a completely separate file in GarageBand.

This means that I never heard where Boy played what in the song. Which didn’t hit me as a problem until I got home and everything sounded beyond confusing. But since I travelled 600 km to record it, I was very determined to use some of it no matter what, so I edited everything into bits and pieces and placed it randomly throughout the song. This awkward and occasionally out of tune and tempo piano inspired Mario to think of Mike Garson to have him bringing the idea of playing something “wrong” in the right way to the next level. When Mario suggested Garson I listened to a bunch of his work and was blown away by this effortless, creative and uncomplicated way of playing something very complicated. So beautiful and so powerful. And if he is good enough for Bowie, Reznor and Corgan, he is of course good enough for me…. I’m so excited!

Stars and stripes and sunshine

Rise and shine! What a beautiful day to wake up to after a great flight and a great nights sleep. Thank you Pete for the flag reminder minimizing location confusion waking up from jet-lag sleep: I can on only be in America or at Burger King, Rådhuspladsen.

The first two days here Mario and I went through the songs at his home studio getting everything in place and making the final decisions about arrangement, tempo and drum sounds. Before I arrived Mario and his friend Sterling did a number of electronic drums for ‘Hotels Terminus’, and they sound spot on. We will record real drums for ‘United we stand apart’.

“Oh, you are looking to make that really strong European coffee?” Exactly, miss shop assistant.

I have spend a lot of time walking around, soaking in the city, doing yoga and stocking up on my essentials from Whole Foods such as fruits and nuts and tea and espresso and chocolate and my newest addiction that Cristiaana got me into: shortbread biscuits and almond butter.

Gluten free since 1988? I know I’m not. Great almond butter to fit in your bag. God bless America.

This nice weather man (yes yes, it is in fact him) has been pouring heat and sun all over New York City since I arrived. Thank you! (great hipster 2008 glasses btw)

The recording plan goes like this: guitar, drums, vocals x 2 days, keys, piano, mixing, mastering. Love it, love it, love it.