Back to Smelly

The rehearsing for the gig April 13th at Huset Magstræde is on. The location is Smelly in the north west corner of Copenhagen – the infamous basement  that leaves an equally  infamous smell to your clothes and your hair. Mmmmm… dead guinea pig with a touch of blue cheese and very old playing cards.

It’s a trainers park at Smelly. I’m sporting my Nike, Kristian is in Vans and Korff in Converse.

Turn up the click track for Mr. Korff.

Kristian is either: 1. buying in more guitars on ebay or 2. fixing back tracks.

The cool cats advisory board

Before going to New York I made the decision not to focus on what to do with the songs, but instead be completely present in the creative process of the production. So guess what is haunting me now…

Maybe you should finish more songs and put out an EP?

Maybe you should release these songs as singles?

Fuck it all and go to bed.

Inflight entertainment

Copenhagen bound with two amazing tracks… There is still a little mixing-tweaking to be done and then mastering. I’m so happy, so tired, so happy and so happy. Did I mention that I am really, really happy? Can’t believe how much creativity and love you can fit into that city. Wow.

You can’t mix all the time

You also have to:

Visit Kaffe 1648 in TriBeCa. Rock n’ roll packaging and equally great coffee.

Order take away. Takes at least an hour to decide what to get from this collection.

Go through t-shirt collections. Mario has been offered 500 dollars for this one and can’t wear it in public without being stopped every 200 meters. No wonder.

Have flourless chocolate cake, chocolate cookies and brownies.

Take pictures of random numbers in the street.

Less mosquito and more of an angel dog barking

Isn’t it great when you can say things like that to other people and it makes perfectly sense to them? Didi Gutman knew exactly what I meant. He is such a personality and brilliant musician, and he found the most perfect sounds for the different keyboard parts and played them with great beauty and creativity.

There was one sound on the demo that we weren’t able to find a substitute for though. A keyboard part in ‘United We Stand Apart’ has a really particular and mysterious almost under water like vibe, and we couldn’t find a sound that matched the track just as good as the original one. So that part will be the original demo recording played by me. Which was quite a lot of work for Mario as he had to fix: 1. my wobbling recording, 2.the facts that we changed the tempo of the song with 2 bpm and we only had the original track as an mp3…. a lot of work, but so worth it!

Geniuses at work. Do not disturb.

A little less Enya too? No problem.
Outside the studio that day. Very cold, but very beautiful. The weather here changes faster than my opinion on whether I like horses or chocolate the most.
An inspiring collection. Had some wonderful days at Mark’s studio. Hope to be back one day…