Be good to your ears and to the world

I will put a stack of exclusive download codes for the new song HOTEL TERMINUS for sale at the concert at Huset Magstræde tomorrow. The money will go directly to Danish – Indian Childcare (Dansk – Indisk Børnehjælp) that I voluneteer in and help finance trees like mango, fig and almond for the fields around the orphanage we support in Arni, in order to make this children’s home self-sufficient.

Danish – Indian Childcare works to create awareness, education and implement sustainable development projects with the main focus on women and girl children. We believe that each individual possess resources and capacity and that it is possible to make positive changes.

This little parade of cards will contain the download codes for HOTEL TERMINUS that will also be on the EP soon to be released together with UNITED WE STAND APART and 42 INCHES.

Black eyeliner mixed with olive oil turned out to be great paint. Love MAC’s naming. Pretty damn close to backtracks!

Don’t forget to visit the Dansk – Indisk Børnehjælp’s secondhand shop in Ahornsgade 20 CPH N, where I also happen to buy 2/3 of my clothes for my schizophrenic 80’s/90’s granny rock n’ roll style.

See you tomorrow. We’re on at 23:00 after Boho Dancer and Tara.