July inspiration

Lachrymosa are victorian era tear catchers, or tear vials. sometimes worn on a necklace, sometimes merely held, they were used the gather the tears wept by mourners at funerals. one type of lachrymosa had a special top which allowed the tears to evaporate (signifying the time to stop mourning), others had a sealed top to allow the tears to last for a year, at which point they would be poured on the grave of the person whom the tears were wept for. Via You are remarkable.

Even down to the date and time.

No sale.

These guys actually have something to sing about. Metal from Iraq.

Anno 1910. Like walking around in an old movie.

The most offensive and at the same time attractive smell ever. Love it.

Saints Alive.

Ears in good hands

I highly recommend everyone with a weak spot for cold wave, new wave and general awesomeness to check out Wierd Records. My new friend Marc, with whom I share a childish excitement about everything synth, took me to Home Sweet Home a few weeks ago where Wierd were strutting their stuff including Frank (just Frank) performing live. The room is just as cold as the music and the sound level keeps your ears on the brink of eardrum hara-kiri. You know you like it.

It turns out that Led er Est that I have been a fan of for years are on Wierd Records – there you go. And check out Xeno and Oaklander as well. Bonus info: Lis from the band is part Norwegian. Vikings 4 ever.