Travel heavy

I got this very old and very heavy suitcase from my grandfather Boy, who got it from another family member Lorenz Meesenburg (1878-1954), a Latvian consul, who clearly traveled the world and then some with this suitcase. It’s absolutely beautiful and so full of history and soul.

I named the song Hotel Terminus after this sticker. A while ago Kristian was recording a bunch of random guitar riffs that I had on my phone, we needed something to call them, the suitcase was in the room, the sticker caught my eye and the title just stuck.

Wear and tear of the most beautiful kind.

I have a guitar riff named Bad Brambach too…

It’s recording time

At some point in your life you have to stop imagining yourself being Willie Nelson looking super uncomfortable in front of that microphone, face your fears and actually start recording something. For A Girl in a Rat Suit, this is now.

For the last few months I have created new demo songs and driving Mario (who is producing) crazy with my lack of click tracks, quantizing skills and not knowing a D from a C. Somehow two songs emerged from this messy chaos that we agreed upon doing. At this point, this is what I know:

– I’ll be leaving for New York February 14th – recordings starts February 16th

– I’ll be bringing my laptop and my so-called voice. Mario is in charge of musicians of all kinds, studios, recordings, mixing and guiding me to the best local chocolate shops (the last part, I haven’t presented to him yet)

– I will record two songs: ‘United we stand apart’ and ‘Hotel Terminus’.

– I will call this project ‘We are not amused’. Thank you ├╝ber cool 90-year old Helen from England, who I met this summer in Norway, for the title.