Drop it like it’s hot – album release day!

Our debut album is out everywhere TODAY! We started working on it in 2020, which conveniently was the year of the rat, hence the album name. We got you covered with everything from whisper-in-your-ear love songs to scream-in-you-face rock songs in the signature rat suit style. If you like an espresso-shot-energy song, we recommend “Storm før stilhed”. If you are more into the cool-cat-circus-vibe, go with “Arena”. Missing the 80s and early 90s? Give “Neverending Story” a listen. We hope you like it!  

Themes include but are not limited to:

Fun fact: The rose on the cover is actually orange in real life. I (Line) took a picture of it in my grandmother’s garden in Ribe years back. She called it “the Casper rose” named after my little brother after spotting him staring at it in awe, immersed in its beauty. The track “Dansemus” is also a tribute to her. She was an avid collector of rocks and crystals (and rocking crystals) and the words in the chorus is what she always used to say: “Inside each stone there is a universe”. 

Happy listening and happy Friday! L&K