Music video premiere!

Do you remember The Neverending Story? We hope you do – otherwise this video makes no sense 🙂 it’s created by everyone in the family and even the cats play a starring role. Tango plays Falkor and Blomme plays the Gmork. On the role list is also Elise who plays Teeny Weeny on the race snail. We all took turns to act as puppeteers, directors, camera operators, set designers and special effects executives. The crotched Atreyu was found on etsy made by LemonLoops (how crazy cool are all of her designs? Take a moment to check them out and prepare to fall in love with all of them). No animals were harmed except the white toy pony playing Artax that got a bit dirty. Enjoy!

A few behind-the-scenes images from the preparation, shooting and editing process…

Re-creating the Nothing stormy weather.
Sun and mountains in the making.
Clouds for when Falkor is flying with Atreyu.
The swamp of sadness.
Editor in chief.

Drop it like it’s hot – album release day!

Our debut album is out everywhere TODAY! We started working on it in 2020, which conveniently was the year of the rat, hence the album name. We got you covered with everything from whisper-in-your-ear love songs to scream-in-you-face rock songs in the signature rat suit style. If you like an espresso-shot-energy song, we recommend “Storm før stilhed”. If you are more into the cool-cat-circus-vibe, go with “Arena”. Missing the 80s and early 90s? Give “Neverending Story” a listen. We hope you like it!  

Themes include but are not limited to:

Fun fact: The rose on the cover is actually orange in real life. I (Line) took a picture of it in my grandmother’s garden in Ribe years back. She called it “the Casper rose” named after my little brother after spotting him staring at it in awe, immersed in its beauty. The track “Dansemus” is also a tribute to her. She was an avid collector of rocks and crystals (and rocking crystals) and the words in the chorus is what she always used to say: “Inside each stone there is a universe”. 

Happy listening and happy Friday! L&K

Single two from the upcoming album: Bony Antlers

The 2nd single from our upcoming album is out on your preferred digital platform now. The song is called Bony Antlers, and some of you might recognise it – the demo has been circulating on long gone Facebook posts and secret YouTube links. But now we have given it the royal treatment and released it properly. Give it a listen! It has a cool Bond-like spy-vibe, and we hope you like it.

New single this Friday!

We have finally finished the tracks on the our upcoming debut album “Year of the Rat” set to be released in early 2020… but we won’t leave you waiting for new music that long, and Friday November 5th, we are releasing the first single called “Letter K”. This monkey is as excited as we are! Stay tuned…

“The more wishes you make, the more magnificent Fantasia will become”

I’m totally (re)obsessing over The Never Ending Story the movie, and I have decided to make a cover of the title song by Limahl. I always thought that it was a bit off and not fitting the movie very well, so I will make a version that is slow, dark and mysterious with a touch of optimism.

If we will ever perform again, I will wear this t-shirt on stage:

Wearing these earrings.
Oh, the beauty….
And the horror…