The name

Once upon a time there was a show called Beakmans World on TCC. Beakman wore a neon green coat, his hair was back-combed and he would say bada-bing bada-boom all the time. He taught me about kinetic and potential energy, quantum physics, rocket science and small fact that I can still impress people with at dinner parties, like did you know, that at piece of paper can NEVER be folded more than 9 times, or that a crocodile cannot walk backwards?? Anyways, he had two helpers: Lisa, the smart Björg looking-girl with 20 ponytails (remember, this was in the nineties) and then Lester who, for no particular reason, always wore a rat suit. He always got things wrong and messed up experiments, but no matter what he did, he just said, ”Hey, I’m just a guy in a rat suit!” and everybody would forgive him. It’s a pretty good deal to be in a rat suit.

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