Stars and stripes and sunshine

Rise and shine! What a beautiful day to wake up to after a great flight and a great nights sleep. Thank you Pete for the flag reminder minimizing location confusion waking up from jet-lag sleep: I can on only be in America or at Burger King, Rådhuspladsen.

The first two days here Mario and I went through the songs at his home studio getting everything in place and making the final decisions about arrangement, tempo and drum sounds. Before I arrived Mario and his friend Sterling did a number of electronic drums for ‘Hotels Terminus’, and they sound spot on. We will record real drums for ‘United we stand apart’.

“Oh, you are looking to make that really strong European coffee?” Exactly, miss shop assistant.

I have spend a lot of time walking around, soaking in the city, doing yoga and stocking up on my essentials from Whole Foods such as fruits and nuts and tea and espresso and chocolate and my newest addiction that Cristiaana got me into: shortbread biscuits and almond butter.

Gluten free since 1988? I know I’m not. Great almond butter to fit in your bag. God bless America.

This nice weather man (yes yes, it is in fact him) has been pouring heat and sun all over New York City since I arrived. Thank you! (great hipster 2008 glasses btw)

The recording plan goes like this: guitar, drums, vocals x 2 days, keys, piano, mixing, mastering. Love it, love it, love it.

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Line Maria

Concept developer and copywriter for many years starting in the analogue world of advertising and is now in the digital one. Always wears at least two finger rings, believes chocolate mousse can be a meal, that grunge is not dead and that horses are magical. Creates music under the name of A Girl in a Rat Suit.

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