No noisy jewellery in the iso booth

I am not a singer. Not in the sense that I make music to get the chance to be in front of a microphone nailing those notes that only Mariah Carey can hit and dogs can hear. But vocals had to be recorded and it was actually a lot of fun and very intense. I was so exhausted after each session that I was almost sleepwalking home from the studio and passing out on the bed. Green & Black’s dark chocolate 70%, dates, raw honey and Sarah’s Silk warming scarfs – tak for hjælpen!

Line can’t hit the note: “Øh, Mario, maybe that other take we just did was ok….” “What? do you think this is high school?” “Ok, this is not high school…” Gotta love Mario!

M7 Neumann from 1956. (no, not a machine gun)

Pitch, timing, feel, attitude…

Retro 176 compressor for the vocals.

I learn so much it’s insane.

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Line Maria

Concept developer and copywriter for many years starting in the analogue world of advertising and is now in the digital one. Always wears at least two finger rings, believes chocolate mousse can be a meal, that grunge is not dead and that horses are magical. Creates music under the name of A Girl in a Rat Suit.

One thought on “No noisy jewellery in the iso booth

  1. This is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool – we talked about this before you left right… I wanna be sedated!

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