A new track is taking shape… a status from the studio

Back in the studio. Feels so good. We can cancel Christmas, it’s ok. Recording makes me happy and jolly like an idiot. Right now I’m working on the track ‘Arena’ with Michael Adler Miltersen from Sepia Productions. It’s one of the first songs I wrote – the original GarageBand files are from 2007. They sound SUPER crappy, but the song has a very special vibe and it’s still one of my favorites, so I decided to let ‘Arena’ be the first song to finish for my upcoming album set to be released in 2012.

Yes, I love making music.


Go ahead and sing.

For the geeks.

For the über geeks.

Drink, drink, drink your spinach juice. Good for you.

Sticky fingers.

The observant eye will notice that the big speaker is upside down. Reason? To have the treble hit the ear directly when sitting in the chair mixing. Pretty clever.

Michael is going to Kiev to see IAMX this week – painted here by the talented Gregers Albrechtsen – so we will have a short break. When he is back from the vodka, meat and music mayhem, Kristian Baek from Honolulu Blitz will visit us in the studio to do the backing vocals.

The skinny monkey/shivers and shakes/the chain around its neck/rattles a requiem…”

Music video premiere: Hotel Terminus shot in London by Ben Dawlatly

I need to start smoking and move to Hackney Wick! My friend Ben shot this video last week when I was spending time in the outskirts of Denmark writing new material and drawing horses. He had total creative freedom to do whatever he wished – this is the result:

Directed, filmed and edited by Ben Dawlatly

Shot in Hackney Wick London, autumn 2011

Girl: Tat Vateishvili

Boy: Edward Collinson

It’s official: 3 pristine songs ready to enter your ears. Enjoy.

Wow. My first EP is done. It feels strange but good. I’m writing this post with a a stomach full of celebration brownie and a feeling of immense gratitude – the creation of this EP has been very special, surprising and above all fun. Will I do it again? Yes mam. Right now I’m back in New York writing new songs for chapter two.

The EP is on iTunes for everyones convinience. On Bandcamp you can download the tracks for FREE the entire month of June starting today. Just enter 0 at checkout. You can also set your own price if you feel like it. All the money raised from downloads on Bandcamp will go directly to Danish-Indian Childcare (they clearly don’t spend their money developing fancy websites, but they rock).

Cover/booklet design by Morten Knudsen.

A massive, huge and expansive thanks to everyone involved in the project. A special thanks to Kristian Baek, Mario J. McNulty, Michael Adler Miltersen, Cristiaana Sabella, Morten Knudsen, Marie Louise Munkegaard and the people who inspired me to write these 3 songs. You know who you are.

Getting ready to release the rat

Very soon the EP is available on iTunes, Amazon and a number of other online outlets. But what about the real world? Instead of printing a bunch of CD’s, I have decided to make these little fellows. They will be available in a small amount from my Bandcamp site, and will be the only physical way to purchase the EP. They will contain the 3 tracks, the digital booklet, the ’42 Inches’ music video and will come in a little blue envelope that might also contain a secret message from me, if you are lucky. The keys are 1 GB, so you also get a little extra space to store your German soft porn, cat pictures or whatever your preferred drug is.

For the digital distribution I have worked with Valleyarm. By chance I met Naja and Kim from the Berlin office at an Autolux concert in December, so I contacted them a month ago to get some advice.

It’s so simple it hurts using Valleyarm, you can upload everything yourself and they take care of the boring stuff. I can highly reccomend any independent artist using Valleyarm. And follow them on Twitter – they post great tips for the little warriors all the time.

‘Hotel Terminus’ on the Valleyarm Music Matters Sampler 2011

The brilliant people at the digital distribution company Valleyarm has put together a sampler with some of their selected artist including yours truly. Hotel Terminus is on the sampler that will be distributed at the Music Matters music industry event in Singapore from 26 to 28 May 2011.

The sampler features 19 different artists and is availible at i to the Tunes.  More info here.

Music video premiere – starring me and my Etch a Sketch

Yes, I have spend a lot of time etching and sketching as a child. And apparently it’s just like learning to ride a bike, because before we shot the video, I didn’t touch my Etch a Sketch for almost 2 years. I have no idea how my brain works it out, but if I have an image in front of me, its fairly easy for me to draw it. Enjoy!

This track ’42 Inches’ will be featured on the EP ‘We Are Not Amused’ to be released MAY 30th.

Idea and etching by yours truly. Direction, filming and editing by the brilliant Jonas Krüger.

Check out the previous behind the scenes post from the shoot the video.

Artworking 9 to 5

The tracks are done and now it’s all about the wrapping. To me the process of creating the right artwork is just as important and almost equally fun as the music making. And a lot of work and a lot of meetings!

Marie Louise Munkegaard shot the session 1 pictures last week in her studio and the session 2 outdoor pictures this week on a grey and rainy Tuesday. But according to Marie Louise the cloudy weather makes your skin looks great, so all I can say is hallelujah. Everything will be transformed into cover art and booklet by my brilliant friend, designer and artist Morten Knudsen.

Who’s that girl?

My old riding boots and shiny boots of patent leather.

Yes, the drum felt slightly heavy after 3 hours in odd positions.

Carefully selected accessories.

Marie Louise digging in to the marvelous food from Pam’s Lovely Mealbox.

The snack of champions.

The first finished image by Marie Louise Munkegaard. We will be using 2 more studio shots and 5-6 outdoor shots for the artwork…. Can’t wait to see what Morten comes up with.