Artworking 9 to 5

The tracks are done and now it’s all about the wrapping. To me the process of creating the right artwork is just as important and almost equally fun as the music making. And a lot of work and a lot of meetings!

Marie Louise Munkegaard shot the session 1 pictures last week in her studio and the session 2 outdoor pictures this week on a grey and rainy Tuesday. But according to Marie Louise the cloudy weather makes your skin looks great, so all I can say is hallelujah. Everything will be transformed into cover art and booklet by my brilliant friend, designer and artist Morten Knudsen.

Who’s that girl?

My old riding boots and shiny boots of patent leather.

Yes, the drum felt slightly heavy after 3 hours in odd positions.

Carefully selected accessories.

Marie Louise digging in to the marvelous food from Pam’s Lovely Mealbox.

The snack of champions.

The first finished image by Marie Louise Munkegaard. We will be using 2 more studio shots and 5-6 outdoor shots for the artwork…. Can’t wait to see what Morten comes up with.

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Line Maria

Concept developer and copywriter for many years starting in the analogue world of advertising and is now in the digital one. Always wears at least two finger rings, believes chocolate mousse can be a meal, that grunge is not dead and that horses are magical. Creates music under the name of A Girl in a Rat Suit.

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