With the words of Maynard James Keenan

In general art is that release caused by the friction of life.

That is the way I approach music.

I look around and see how things are in harmony

and look to the thing that are out of balance

and try to tell that story.

I am drawn to the friction.

A violin is a piece of wood that has been manipulated out of its natural shape

and twisted and bent and dried

and you take the strings

and stretch them across

very tense

very stressful

and then you take a bow

that is very straight and tight

and you drag it across with the friction

and the resulting sound

that release is the art

that is the story.

From the nice little documentary The Heart Is A Drum Machine.

Published by

Line Maria

Concept developer and copywriter for many years starting in the analogue world of advertising and is now in the digital one. Always wears at least two finger rings, believes chocolate mousse can be a meal, that grunge is not dead and that horses are magical. Creates music under the name of A Girl in a Rat Suit.

2 thoughts on “With the words of Maynard James Keenan

  1. I love Maynard will have have to check out the documentary. When I was younger I used to say if I did believe in a god…I would want it to be him, he has that mysterious wise air about him. hehe.
    I really love your style, music and videos, etch a sketch brilliant!
    Live Lightly!

  2. Thank you very, very much! That makes me so happy, truly.

    Maynard is so special, right? I can highly recommend “From Blood Into Wine” too, about his vineyard in Arizona. Very inspiring and beautiful!

    //Line Maria

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