This fan review on Bandbase made my day, year even

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Thank you.

“Musically it is superbly put together from beginning to end, and the singer, I have no words.”

“I’m almost ecstatic about the soundscape, it’s so unconventional, the intro is brilliant and the vocal is simply provoking and seducing.”

Read the full reviews in Danish of Hotel Terminus and United We Stand Apart.

Drum roll…

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

You know that feeling of becoming aware of the fact that you’re smiling like an idiot and then try to tell yourself, ok you can stop smiling already, but you can’t? Now, this smile not only covers: 1. I just got laid, 2. I’m about to eat a chocolate brownie, but also: 3. recording drums at The Magic Shop with Marc and Mario. 

The drum recordings for ‘United we stand apart’ was a huge eye/ear-opener for me. Still so green in this field, I’m surprised what difference it makes to the vibe of the song to have the drums recorded live in an amazing room with an amazing drummer like Marc Slutsky. I would expect it to be good, but this was like getting that last minute party invite, and sure, I’ll come, and it turns out to be the party of the year.

Microphone mayhem. 20 all together.

A little help from the world of super powers never hurts.

Getting ready for the bongo session.

This is of course rock n’ roll gin in disguise. Or maybe just water for the thirsty yogi…. I came directly from the Golden Bridge yoga studio to the Magic Shop. A dinner at Pink Pony would have completed a day of potential Foursquare check-ins of ‘she is either on acid or in New York’.

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