A new track is taking shape… a status from the studio

Back in the studio. Feels so good. We can cancel Christmas, it’s ok. Recording makes me happy and jolly like an idiot. Right now I’m working on the track ‘Arena’ with Michael Adler Miltersen from Sepia Productions. It’s one of the first songs I wrote – the original GarageBand files are from 2007. They sound SUPER crappy, but the song has a very special vibe and it’s still one of my favorites, so I decided to let ‘Arena’ be the first song to finish for my upcoming album set to be released in 2012.

Yes, I love making music.


Go ahead and sing.

For the geeks.

For the über geeks.

Drink, drink, drink your spinach juice. Good for you.

Sticky fingers.

The observant eye will notice that the big speaker is upside down. Reason? To have the treble hit the ear directly when sitting in the chair mixing. Pretty clever.

Michael is going to Kiev to see IAMX this week – painted here by the talented Gregers Albrechtsen – so we will have a short break. When he is back from the vodka, meat and music mayhem, Kristian Baek from Honolulu Blitz will visit us in the studio to do the backing vocals.

The skinny monkey/shivers and shakes/the chain around its neck/rattles a requiem…”

“This is not a girl’s guitar”

… and that would be a Les Paul to be exact. Indeed a heavy infiltration creator with a testosterone loaded sound. Perfect for the rat suit vibe as long as the girl doesn’t have to play it! Aaron did an amazing job nailing the tracks and I’m thrilled with the sound of the guitar.

Knobs of the finest kind…

We recorded the guitar at Mark Plati’s cool and comfy studio in the East Village. It has such a nice vibe and being there feels like hanging out at a very good friends house. It was pure Danish hygge discussing subjects such as music, Danish pork, music and music in between recording.

You know you’re with geeks when your iPhone accidentally plays 0,5 seconds of a song in your iTunes library. Mario: Was that Morrisey? Aaron: The Smiths? Spot on boys…

Aaron’s custom made brown brick of awesomeness.

Be sure to check out Aarons band The Madison Square Gardeners. They are playing in Brooklyn at the Rock Shop February 24th so I get a change to see them live while I’m here – weeeee! They have an EP and a loaded tour calendar including SXSW coming up.