Stretching my etching and sketching skills

In between all the demo making and working, I shot a music video for an old song of mine: 42 inches. I it did together with the talented, incredibly sweet and cool Jonas Kr├╝ger, who I met when Morgensang was created back in September. It’s a creative collective of all sorts, sharing a space in Copenhagen NV at an old piano factory.

A half-finished snake

Jonas was filming, instrcuting and is also doing the editing. I was just etching and sketching for hours and hours. He will do the finishing editing in the next few days, so stay tuned for the premiere.

A quick survey the night between Saturday and Sunday made it clear that no one could tell that this hands was holding a fish. Creative suggestions such as a parsnip, tepee, rocket and a hornets’ nest made it clear that we had to redo the fish. Luckily all the other motives came out great…

Thanks to my friends for helping me with camera, equipment and light.

This image of me and my Washburn will also be in the video.. etch’ed of course.