It’s official: 3 pristine songs ready to enter your ears. Enjoy.

Wow. My first EP is done. It feels strange but good. I’m writing this post with a a stomach full of celebration brownie and a feeling of immense gratitude – the creation of this EP has been very special, surprising and above all fun. Will I do it again? Yes mam. Right now I’m back in New York writing new songs for chapter two.

The EP is on iTunes for everyones convinience. On Bandcamp you can download the tracks for FREE the entire month of June starting today. Just enter 0 at checkout. You can also set your own price if you feel like it. All the money raised from downloads on Bandcamp will go directly to Danish-Indian Childcare (they clearly don’t spend their money developing fancy websites, but they rock).

Cover/booklet design by Morten Knudsen.

A massive, huge and expansive thanks to everyone involved in the project. A special thanks to Kristian Baek, Mario J. McNulty, Michael Adler Miltersen, Cristiaana Sabella, Morten Knudsen, Marie Louise Munkegaard and the people who inspired me to write these 3 songs. You know who you are.

Music video premiere – starring me and my Etch a Sketch

Yes, I have spend a lot of time etching and sketching as a child. And apparently it’s just like learning to ride a bike, because before we shot the video, I didn’t touch my Etch a Sketch for almost 2 years. I have no idea how my brain works it out, but if I have an image in front of me, its fairly easy for me to draw it. Enjoy!

This track ’42 Inches’ will be featured on the EP ‘We Are Not Amused’ to be released MAY 30th.

Idea and etching by yours truly. Direction, filming and editing by the brilliant Jonas Krüger.

Check out the previous behind the scenes post from the shoot the video.

It’s recording time

At some point in your life you have to stop imagining yourself being Willie Nelson looking super uncomfortable in front of that microphone, face your fears and actually start recording something. For A Girl in a Rat Suit, this is now.

For the last few months I have created new demo songs and driving Mario (who is producing) crazy with my lack of click tracks, quantizing skills and not knowing a D from a C. Somehow two songs emerged from this messy chaos that we agreed upon doing. At this point, this is what I know:

– I’ll be leaving for New York February 14th – recordings starts February 16th

– I’ll be bringing my laptop and my so-called voice. Mario is in charge of musicians of all kinds, studios, recordings, mixing and guiding me to the best local chocolate shops (the last part, I haven’t presented to him yet)

– I will record two songs: ‘United we stand apart’ and ‘Hotel Terminus’.

– I will call this project ‘We are not amused’. Thank you über cool 90-year old Helen from England, who I met this summer in Norway, for the title.