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May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Very soon the EP is available on iTunes, Amazon and a number of other online outlets. But what about the real world? Instead of printing a bunch of CD’s, I have decided to make these little fellows. They will be available in a small amount from my Bandcamp site, and will be the only physical way to purchase the EP. They will contain the 3 tracks, the digital booklet, the ’42 Inches’ music video and will come in a little blue envelope that might also contain a secret message from me, if you are lucky. The keys are 1 GB, so you also get a little extra space to store your German soft porn, cat pictures or whatever your preferred drug is.

For the digital distribution I have worked with Valleyarm. By chance I met Naja and Kim from the Berlin office at an Autolux concert in December, so I contacted them a month ago to get some advice.

It’s so simple it hurts using Valleyarm, you can upload everything yourself and they take care of the boring stuff. I can highly reccomend any independent artist using Valleyarm. And follow them on Twitter – they post great tips for the little warriors all the time.

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